Gotta love Fridays! I am fortunate enough to work in an office where there isn't a dress code so I keep it casual most days. I used to be all about the stylish business woman attire when I had to meet clients but now since I do business over the phone, my clients can't tell if I'm wearing a pantsuit or pajamas. Love it. Anyway, my go-to casual outfit almost always consists of pants and a shirt. It's easy to mix and match, plus it takes like 5 minutes to get ready.

My favorite thing about casual clothing is the fact that you could be wearing a $20 pair of forever 21 cargos or a $300 pair of Vince cargos and most people wouldn't know the difference. It is a style anyone can afford. I like to spice up this look with expensive accessories like a bag, jewelry or shades to balance everything out.

So,  my extremely talented cousin just started a fine jewelry line and I am so so so so proud of her. There is nothing I love more than seeing the people I care about following their dreams and gaining success.  She is just starting to create her moldings but this is one designer you will want to keep tabs on. One of my favorite new items from her line is this gorgeous 14k gold ring with two accent diamonds. Stay tuned for more one of a kind designs from her brand, Lane + Lanae!