This week's theme is stripes and I didn't even plan it! Not only am I posting two looks with my favorite pattern, no joke, I am wearing a striped maxi as I write this at my desk... at work - oops. I go through phases where I'll sport a certain color or style for a week. I notice it in my posts, florals and oranges made multiple appearances this summer for sure!

I love mixing and matching prints. I think it makes some people nervous... I like to live life on the edge, ha! Okay, but seriously how cute are these shorts? Articles of Society is one of my favorite denim brands, you can check out my past looks from them here and here. They rock my world. I was about to wear these shorts with some white sneakers but it felt too simple. I felt like stepping outside of the comfort zone and pairing them with these tropical print stilettos.
This heat has been so insane that I have had to take like 4 showers a day just to stay cool. My hair has been a mess because I just couldn't even think about blow drying or using any heated tool to style my hair. I rocked the wavy look all weekend but it didn't look so bad because I used my all time favorite hair essential, Moroccan Oil. It tames the friz and smells amazing! I have been using it for years and I use it when my hair is wet or dry. It is a MAJOR life saver if I don't have time to style.