FINALLY, a moment to sit down and write a post. I have been so busy with work and the usual-bla-bla-etc-endless-list-of-excuses so I have been behind on everything going on around me including my pride and joy, On top of the usual craziness that consumes my daily life, my bestie is getting hitched! I am so so so so excited for her it’s not even funny. We just got back from the bachelorette weekend in Palm Desert and I had planned all these outfits and blog post ideas.  That turned into a major fail when we decided to prance around the pool all day.

1. My camera isn’t waterproof
2. I was having way too much fun to even think about getting creative.

Plus, those photos are best left for my memory!

+ The Bride  and her maids +
 + Poolside +

Okay, let’s get focused.

Ahem, it is still hotter than hell here is San Diego and I am not upset about it one bit. I’ll admit that I’m a little antsy to start breaking out the sweaters but I’ll be over that as soon as I’m freezing my buns off and all my suede booties are ruined because I don’t understand how to dress in the rain.


At the bridal shower I busted out one of my favorite rompers from the best store in town, LF. If you live in CA, NYC, FL you are lucky enough to be graced by the presence of this boutique. For the rest of you, I pray that one day they have online shopping because their style is on point year around. Anyway, I just love this print because it can be easily worn from day to night. There is nothing better than a versatile piece, especially if it’s pricey. That’s all the justification I need, ha!

So, it was my job to get the flowers for the table arrangements and I was kind of stressing because I knew I wanted roses but they can be SUPER expensive. I wasn't about to buy carnations for my friends Bridal Shower. Thanks, but no thanks! One of my other besties told me about this flower warehouse called Wholesale Flowers and Supplies. If you don’t live in San Diego, I would hop on google before splurging on flowers.  Get this – I bought 5 dozen long stem roses for $30!!! Anywhere else would have cost me more than triple the price for sure.

+ Twinsies! The hostess wearing a lavender floral romper +