Glossary of terms
TT           Tiny Titties
BB           Busty Breasts

No boobs? No problem! This week’s Bikini Friday is all about how to transform your TTs into BBs. Not all of us were lucky enough to be born with BBs, but there is still hope. This piece comes from my personal collection and it is my favorite bikini top of all time. I'd like to introduce you to the Victoria Secret Very Sexy Twist Bandeau. This top gives your chest the ultimate lift.

 I wouldn’t say that I am flat chested but this top takes my TTs to the next level. I own it in 5 different colors but black has always been my go-to. VS comes out with new patterns every year, I love it! This BB-kini comes with a halter strap which can provide an extra boost but it also comes with small removable pads that can be inserted under the cups. I totally cheat and take pads from my other swim suit and add it into the side slit. You can buy extra pads at the store as well. I am not into this look all the time but sometimes it’s nice to let the sisters have some fun ;).