Listen up ladies! It's time to talk skincare. I'm all about eating clean and staying healthy but what about your skin?
I am seriously wrinkle-phobic so whatever I can do to keep my skin youthful and healthy is at the top of my priority list. I was chatting with my cousin a few months back and we were talking about natural skin products. It's funny because we both use these organic washes and cleansers but then we use makeup that isn't natural AT ALL. What's the point of using an herbal scrub if I'm just going to cake on the MAC makeup after? 
I've found one major problem with mineral makeup - they don't provide full coverage. With that being said, I have been apprehensive about spending money on something I can't make use of, especially because they aren't any cheaper! No Thanks, I'll pass. 
I was at the mall the other day and I saw this store 100% Pure so I decided to stop in. I fell in love immediately! I read the label on every product, this place is legit. I tried the foundation at the store and it covered my skin better than any product I have now. My skin is naturally dewy so I have to be careful with certain liquids but this stuff balances the oils on my face like no other. They also give you a little linen tote with your purchase. I love free stuff!

When I was at the store I made sure to address the main reason I need a full coverage foundation. A couple years back I was in Hawaii and after spending an entire day in the sun I noticed I had these dark spots on my face. When I went to my dermatologist he informed me that it was from the hormones in my birth control and  that I would have to stay out of the sun PLUS go off the BC if I wanted my spots to go away. He prescribed me all these skin lighteners and acids but all I could think about was how damaging it would be. I decided to go my own way and it has
 been a struggle finding the right products. 

I've done a lot of research and vitamin C is great for evening skin tone and brightening complexion. So, while I was at the store I decided to grab some brightening cleanser, brightening balm and vitamin C moisturizer. I have seen a HUGE difference in a matter of days so I had to share! No joke, the spots are completely faded! Everyone's skin is different but this place has products for every skin type.