I am not big on accessories. I like to keep it simple by only wearing a small ring, bracelet or necklace. I actually really love stacked bracelets but I get fidgety and easily annoyed by over accessorizing so I rarely do that. Plus, I don’t like cheap jewels that turn your skin green when you wash your hands or sweat. Yuck.

I am DYING over this lariat by Tucson, Arizona designer Iliana Madrid. I have not stopped wearing this piece since the minute it came in the mail. Everywhere I go I have had a million compliments. It is so dainty and pretty and can be worn with just about any outfit. I am super into low back shirts & no bras right now. With this humidity, just the thought of wearing something tight and constricting around my chest gives me anxiety. Anyway, this necklace is the perfect accessory to be worn down the front or the back of a low flowing top. It is gold fill with a black Swarovski crystal but also comes in a gold plate with different stone colors, mint and red. You can find these lovely pieces at ZOE Boutique in Tucson or by clicking here

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