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So the first question I’m sure you get asked a lot…why MePoopsie?
One of my high school boyfriends gave me a cute little nickname ‘Poopsie’ and it has stuck with me ever since. When Instagram first came on the scene I made the username ‘mepoopsie’. After a while, people didn’t even know what my real name was anymore, they would just refer to me as MePoopsie! It was so funny. Eventually when I started my blog, I was brainstorming all these cheeky names when I realized I just have to do me and that is MePoopsie!
Tell us a little about yourself.
I am born and raised in San Diego, I have moved out of this city three times and I have been back home at the beach in 8 months or less. I clearly love this city! I am a Health Insurance Broker by day and Blogger by night. One day I hope blogging can be my full time career so I’m working my booty off to make a name for myself in the blogging community. It’s only been a few months but I have made some big strides!

I have a tiny Yorkshire Terrier named Penny. She is my whole world, best friend and cutest little sidekick that ever roamed this planet. We go everywhere together; we take long walks on the beach (so cliché but we do it every day), go shopping together, snack together… you get it. We are one dynamic duo and the best thing is, she is a TOTAL babe magnet. I swear the past two guys I’ve dated where a result of walking or socializing with her.

When and why did you start blogging?
I actually started blogging only a few months ago! My original idea was to start a blog as a way to journal different recipes I was trying out, I love to cook. That VERY quickly changed as I came in contact with different PR companies. I realized my sense of style was much more interesting and fun to play with than my recipes. So Although I incorporate a little food into my content, it has become more fashion based and I couldn’t be more pleased.
How would you describe your style?
My style is very eclectic. One day you will find me all done up in a chiffon maxi gown with stilettos and the next day in some daisy dukes and a crop top with my hair wavy and undone. It is hard to pin point but it is certainly unique.
What is your favorite new trend?
I am dying over the boyfriend jean & boyfriend shorts right now. I’m sure every guy in the world thinks they are the furthest thing from sexy but I’m the total opposite. There is nothing sexier to me than effortless beauty. Yes, a pair of daisy dukes with a little butt cheek is hot but there is something about wearing a loose pair of boyfriends that make it look like you’re not trying. To me, THAT is sexy.

What’s one item you’re willing to splurge on?
HANDBAGS! I would go without food for a month for a killer bag.
What is the most challenging aspect about blogging?
As great of a creative outlet blogging has been, it is difficult to be creative on days when it’s just not flowing naturally. Although I consider being a blogger as a second job, I never want it to feel like a job.
What advice would you give for new and upcoming bloggers?
I would tell new and upcoming bloggers to write out a marketing plan. Make a detailed list of where you want to promote your content, contact as many PR companies and brands as humanly possible. Worst case scenario, they don’t return your email… big deal, don’t be scared of rejection. Even if you are super new someone will respond.

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