I swear I'm not just saying this but these are the best potatoes ever. Like ever ever. I wouldn't lie to you about this.
 So, I was at the farmers market stalking this goat cheese man (I’m a real cheese lover) and I picked up some feta along with my favorite yogurt. I have so many killer recipes involving feta so I couldn’t wait to get cooking with it. I was seriously craving potatoes so I just went with it. As I was trying to figure out which seasonings to use, I remembered this phase I went through where I was obsessed with lamb chops. This one time, I used rosemary and thyme to season the chops and it was so delicious I knew it would taste just as good for potato roasting! 

I was adding the salt and pepper to this dish when I decided to use some truffle salt. I die for anything truffle related! When I was at the farmers market a few weeks back I stopped by this organic salt vendor that had the most sensational salts I've ever tasted. Everything is better with truffles. You can put it on anything and it takes the dish to the next level. It's a delicacy for a reason! This recipe is super easy and can accompany any main dish or by eaten alone. I put it on the side of grilled chicken thighs… yum!

First, preheat the oven to 425. 

Chop the potatoes into quarters and add them to a mixing bowl. Add all ingredients to the bowl except the cheese. IMPORTANT: IF you are using truffle salt wait until after the potatoes are cooked to add it, if you are using regular salt you can add it to the bowl to cook (truffle salt is more of a finishing salt).  Liberally add fresh ground pepper and mix everything together. 

Place the potatoes on a baking sheet. Be sure they are not lying on top of each other and that they are evenly disbursed. Bake for 35-40 minutes. 

 Remove potatoes from the pan, place in a bowl and top with feta ( add truffle salt if you didn’t use regular salt ). Enjoy!