For us here in San Diego, the weather has been beyond amazing this summer. I can’t even remember the last gloomy day. Unfortunately, this lovely weather will probably continue for another month and half and it will be time to shove our sun dresses and bikinis to the back of the closet. That being said, I've decided to take advantage of these last days of summer by getting all done up in floral prints. It's a MUST!

I was brunching on Saturday, but it was super last minute and I needed to be out the door fast. When my friend called to invite me I was in bed and I kept saying, "I'm taking the weekend off from brunching... I want to be super healthy today". Yeah, that didn't happen so much. In my defense, I only had one glass of champagne! Anyway,  I was easily persuaded and I had no more than 10 minutes to get ready. I washed my face, brushed my teeth, did a quick leg shave, brushed my hair, put on some concealer and threw on this sweet floral dress. The greatest thing about these pieces is that they require minimal effort and you look like you actually tried to get cute! Simple summer style at it's finest.
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High-Low style dress is the best for a hot day!
A Lobster BLT... yummers.
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