Hands down, my favorite day of the week is Sunday. Not only for the obvious reasons like no work, sleeping in, brunching and lunching. Among other activities, I use Sundays to grocery shop and prepare my meals for the week. It’s the perfect day to cook, play a little Etta James and chill out in lounge wear. On the flip side, I end up eating all day and night because I have a kitchen full of fresh food… but it’s all relatively healthy so I don’t feel too guilty.

Yesterday, I went to the farmers market to grab some green juice and goat cheese and I left with a million other things, go figure. I am extremely particular about the dairy I eat so I don’t usually buy the generic, low fat, 100 calorie, berry preserve, weirdo yogurts. (FYI – that crap isn’t good for you, read the label). Of course, the vendor I was going to get the goat cheese from ran out of it but when I sampled the plain yogurt I died. It was so good I bought a huge container and a plethora of fruits to accompany it.

I have the craziest sweet tooth ever. No joke, I sometimes dream that I am at an all-you-can-eat donut or cake buffet and I never get full. I really don’t get it because I try to stay away from refined sugars and saturated fats. Seriously, my mouth is watering for a freakin’ donut just thinking about it right now, meh. Nonetheless, I love my sweets and I can’t sleep at night if I don’t have dessert so I have to choose healthy alternatives if I plan on catching a husband one day, you know what I mean? Let's get real, there is no amount of cardio that can cover up the shame of binging on cakes and donuts on the regular.

I’ve blabbed enough so I’ll get to the good stuff, this little snack is perfect if you want to whip something up for your man or movie night with your best girlfriend. It is easy, healthy and sweet… enjoy!