How cute is that top? I love flirty printed T-shirts. I didn’t realize how many white tops with black writing I had until I was hanging this one up in my closet (which is color and style coordinated). There were like 4 others of this exact style! I’m so predictable. 
I was on my way to the beach to snap some Bikini Friday pics and I slipped this little combo on. I grabbed my favorite black, oversized fedora for a pre-shoot, shoot. Summer is the best time to wear white on white because it really pops when your skin is all sun kissed, or spray tanned, or both! I’m a huge fan of the spray tan. Quick Tip: To keep your whites bright, add a scoop of oxiclean with your detergent, it REALLY helps. I don’t know why but for some reason whenever I’m wearing white I happen to sit on something dirty or spill something red on myself. Go figure!