My favorite part about a hot date is getting all sexied up for it! Well, it can be fun and stressful. It’s one of those outfits that are over analyzed 10 times as much as an average night’s outfit.

First off, I just love these heals and they are the perfect addition to any evening’s ensemble. I think I’ve worn them every night for the past two weekends. I slipped them on with some boyfriend jeans and a plain tank, black waxed jeans and a backless top and then this little number.

This skirt has the ultimate twist. It looks like a normal maxi but has these slits up the side that expose your stems when you walk or sit. I feel like when you are trying to be sexy it is best to choose one area to show off, either your top or your bottom, never both. That’s why I chose a boat neck blouse with my sultry skirt. It’s best to leave something to surprise, even if the guy you’re with knows what’s going on under there. ;)