It’s FINALLY here! I am so excited to introduce the newest set of posts for the summer, Bikini Fridays! I have been talking about this for a bit and after a lot of planning, slash jogging and sit ups, the time has come. One of my brilliant and beautiful friends that I collaborate with gave me this idea a few months back, bless her! Now that summer is in full swing we can get to business on this summer’s hottest bikini trends. I’ve partnered up with various sponsors to showcase some of their latest and greatest and I might add in some of my personal selections along the way. I will be debuting a new bikini every couple Fridays until the end of August so make sure to check out the scoop before your big weekend plans.

This week’s Bikini Friday is sponsored by AMI Clubwear. I have always loved crochet and I am obsessed with one-pieces. They are so spicy, you know? AMI has the biggest selection of bikinis AND they are soooo affordable. Probably the most affordable I’ve ever seen. Click here to view this item on AMI's website. Okay seriously though, there is a scene in the movie American Hustle were Christian Bale’s character meets Amy Adam’s character and she is wearing a crochet one-piece and a fur coat. I died. It was so hot I needed to channel that sexy 70’s vibe ASAP. Nothing like a good sex, drugs and lies movie to motivate your fashion sense, right? Ha! Until next time, click here for more AMIswimwear. Have a safe weekend!