Dear friends, if you don’t like meatballs you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Yeah, I just said that. Actually, I haven’t always been a fan of the meatball until recently. Last year I was on google searching random crap, per usual, when I came across a website completely dedicated to meatballs. I was so intrigued because that was one thing I had never made before. I think it was like 11pm and I ran down to the kitchen, started gathering random ingredients that I had on hand and came up with this little recipe.

The Sauce:

I’m big on making my own sauces because I don’t like any of that store bought stuff. Plus, it allows you to incorporate your own flavors that might not be found in your run of the mill jar of Prego or whatever that’s called. I am not as crazy as to boil my own tomatoes but I purchase canned organic crushed and whole peeled tomatoes to make the sauce.

In a small bowl combine all of the ingredients for the sauce seasoning and set aside. In a large dutch oven pot, pour 3 large cans of crushed tomatoes. Sometimes I buy 2 cans of crushed and 1 can of whole peeled tomatoes and then chop them into medium size pieces because I like my sauce a little chunky. Whatever floats your boat, right? Turn the heat on high, pour the spices in, give it a good stir, put on the lid and let it begin to heat. 

The Noodles:

I use whole wheat pasta, which sounds boring but it’s “healthier” than others. Whichever noodle you prefer goes great with this dish. I usually make spaghetti squash to keep it Paleo but when I’m cooking for others I have to compromise sometimes. Regardless of which noodle you choose, begin the process on the packaging label before you begin preparing the meat balls.

The Balls:

Combine all ingredients (except the meat) into a food processor. Be sure not to over process the veggies, you don't want mush. In large bowl, combine the meat and the contents of the food processor. With your hands, fold the ingredients all together until they are equally distributed. Grab a solid handful of the mixture and roll it tightly. Repeat this step for the rest of the mixture into equal size balls. 

Remove the lid from the sauce and submerge the meat balls into the pot with the lid on to cook for 5 minutes. (NOTE: If you taste the sauce before the meat has cooked in it and you think it needs salt, don't add salt until just before serving. The meat adds flavor and a bit of salt.) Turn the heat to medium and, with a large spoon, turn the meatballs over and cook for another 5 minutes. Remember to put the lid back on. Again, be sure to cover the meat with sauce. (IMPORTANT: Use a spoon while handling the meatballs, tongs may make them fall apart.) 

Remove one of the balls and cut into it to test if the meat is done. When ready, remove the balls and serve while hot with your choice of pasta or by itself. Garnish with grated Parmesan cheese.

Depending on how many people I'm feeding, I usually have leftovers. The last time I made this dish I woke up craving last nights dinner. Clearly, pasta in the morning is not the best idea. Instead, I  toasted piece of french bread with a meatball and a poached egg top. It seriously made my day. For instructions on how to poach and egg click here.