So I was writing a post about this super delicious salad I created over the weekend when I came across a fun little photo shoot I had with my dog, Penny. I don't how she has managed to escape a post for this long but enough is enough and she is making her debut today.

Penny is a very stylish pup. She is a pure bread Yorkshire Terrier, 3 pounds, single and enjoys long walks on the beach (seriously though). I am slightly obsessed with her so forgive me if I sound like a total psycho while I write this. She was born on Thanksgiving last year and she is the most precious creature I've ever laid eyes on. 

Before she came home with me, I wanted to make sure my girl had the best diet. Obviously, I want her to live the longest and healthiest life possible. Choosing her food was such a task, I searched for weeks, looking through ingredients and reading reviews about certain brands. Before I made my final decision, I asked my vet and he suggested Stella and Chewy’s raw diet. I had read a lot of great reviews so I was intrigued but I was a tad skeptical at first. Raw food!? It sounds weird, I know. We forget that dogs are tamed animals that used to hunt and eat raw flesh on the daily. Let's get real, they are descendants of wolves. Those cute little carnivores don't get sick from uncooked meats like we do, in fact that's what they should be eating. It turns out, all the processed dog “foods”, e.g., kibble and wet canned, are like McDonalds for dogs. I don't know about you, but I don't eat McDonalds for my health, so why would I feed my dog that junk? I began by feeding her the freeze dried duck and goose patties. They are organic and hormone free, Penny LOVED it! I give her their little frozen lamb morsels as treats. She doesn't even know the word 'treat' like a normal dog, she knows 'morsel', it’s hilarious.

After some convincing, I got my mom to start feeding her 10 year old Yorky the same food. He has had more energy, less health issues and he uses the bathroom less frequently. The raw meats are so nutritious that their tiny bodies absorb most of the substance; leaving them with less waste aka your pooper scooper can take a rest. Of course, there are many other raw food brands you can choose from and some of them are great. I would ask your vet for recommendations to make sure it's the right fit. It's important to take care of our little friends; they depend on us to keep them healthy and happy.