If you missed my last boyfriend jean post, it's time to catch up on my current trend obsession. The BF jean and I are getting pretty serious... I think it's love!

So, I had a late night last Friday and was in no mood to be up early running errands Saturday. I grabbed my plain white V-neck, my new AOS bf jeans, threw on last night's necklace and booties and TA DA! Such a great look for running around town. I swear every pant in my closet is a skinny and it's so nice not to feel like a stuffed sausage on days when I'm not feeling so hot. If you're a female, I know you know what I'm talking about. The boyfriend jean is stylish and comfortable which I can't say about 99% of the clothes in my closet. Although, I totally sexed it up the other day and wore a white crop top with them. There are plenty of ways to mix and match.

Anyway, Articles of Society has the best denim line. This would be second piece I have from them and I could not be more pleased with the comfort, style and quality. It doesn’t hurt that I get a million compliments whenever I'm wearing a pair either. (Click here to see their killer white Skinnies in one of my previous posts.) On that note, I'm going to slip them on right now and get some more work done. Have a safe weekend! Xo