I am pretty excited to debut the newest addition to my jewelry box. Say hello to my ‘fang studs’ by Lisa Monahan Metal Works. When it comes to accessories I am super picky, my collection is pretty scarce. I’ll buy some fun statement necklaces here and there but when it comes to rings and earrings I am VERY selective. I can’t wear any cheap metals in my ears or else they will be red and swollen within 15 minutes. It’s disgusting and painful. This limits my selection greatly, as gold and silver can be pretty pricey. I can’t really afford to be buying 14k gold chandelier earrings regularly, ha!

When I was looking at the online catalog I knew I had to have these. After all, I am slightly obsessed with vampires and these earrings are to die for. Everything in Lisa’s collection is great so it was hard to choose. She is a metalsmith and designs killer modern jewelry in materials like silver, gold, copper, brass, precious and semi-precious stones, as well as pearls. I got my fangs a little over a week ago and I haven’t taken them off.  They aren’t too heavy, they don’t irritate my ears and they basically make everything I wear look amazing. To view her entire line click here or visit

I wore this hot little Lumier by Bariano dress for my Mom’s Birthday and knew it would be the perfect look to showcase my new studs. Check out another one of their other fabulous dresses I wore here. I also snagged these fun sandals from the Nasty Gal Memorial Day Sale, which totally completed my look. The thick straps and metal hardware allow you to rock them dressy or casual. I love versatility. Oh yeah, and that vintage Chanel bucket bag… needs no explanation.