It’s time to spill the details of my number one beauty secret, eye lash extensions. I have been getting my lashes done for about two and a half years. The only regret I have is that I didn’t do it sooner! Swear, it’s the best thing that happened to my face. 

A couple of years ago I was watching Kathy Griffin’s show, My Life on the D-List (so lame, I know) and her eye lashes were INSANE. I’m not really a fan of her but I was a serious fan of whatever she had going on in the eye department. Her lashes were obviously not real and obviously not the cheap glue on strips. I knew I had to get lash extensions at that moment. Let’s be honest, if it can improve Kathy Griffin’s looks imagine what it could do for a young gal like me. So, I started searching and I found this one place in Down Town, San Diego. After my first appointment, I had never received more compliments in my entire life and I was wearing ZERO eye makeup (aside from concealer and gloss). I had no more mascara running down my face at the beach and it cut my morning makeup routine in half, I was addicted. I might also add, waking up next to your boyfriend (or any guy you might wake up next to… you little slut, hehe) is a lot better when it looks like you have a fresh coat of mascara on first thing in the morning.

I jumped around from place to place until I found the right stylist. Some places were so expensive and they would fall out after a week, which really annoyed me. A few salons would try and tell me I should go to for the ‘natural look’ and then seriously give me 5 lashes. If I wanted to look natural I would just skip this entire process, ha. Finally, I found the lash goddess. Her name is Uyen and she is the owner of Theory Hair Studio in Little Italy, San Diego. She is the real deal. My own lashes are still healthy and my extensions stay full for a solid 3 weeks. Her attention to detail is unmatched, which I totally appreciate since this is my face we are talking about. Picking the right stylist makes the biggest difference, trust me not all of them are the same. I’ve been with Uyen for almost a year now and I have referred tons of friends/family to her; they are all major fans. For anyone wanting to give it a shot, she is offering 10% off lash services! Be sure to mention this post when making the appointment so she is able to apply your discount. Click HERE to request an appointment or visit