I am seriously obsessed with turquoise jewelry. I don't know if my affinity for this stone stems from my Native American heritage but I have loved it since I was a kid. That blue/green shade just gets me. I love the way it can bring out the natural tones in any skin color. Even my mom, who is a total white girl, rocks it like no one else. It can completely transform any boring outfit but it added a whole new level of vintage to my acid wash shorts and tattered tee. 

If you are looking for awesome fashion pieces and don't want to spend the cash on the good stuff, replica stones can look just as good. The best place to find faux turquoise is at flea markets and such. Shops like forever 21 and other trendy stores will usually have a decent selection of costume jewelry. If you want the real deal, there are collectors’ websites that have the best vintage pieces like savvycollector.com, where I got my pieces from. Also, I'm slightly addicted to Polyvore.com for things like this, it's the best thing that ever happened to me... swear. If you search turquoise cuff, ring, necklace, whatever, it will give you an array of items from all price ranges.

I'm off to work for the day but stay tuned on Wednesday for a little fashion collaboration with Articles of Society; I'm dying over their denim right now! Until next time, have a productive and happy Monday!

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