The results are in! Okay, I'll admit that I had planned on doing a full seven days but I cheated and only went Monday through Friday. I would have completed my original mission but I lost FIVE POUNDS and that was good enough for me! Plus, I'm not trying to look like a skeleton. 

Weight loss is relative to your beginning weight and normal diet. Someone that is 40 pounds overweight will likely lose more than five pounds in five days. Had I continued the diet for a longer period of time, I would have only lost 2-3 more pounds max because I began at the low end of my Body Mass Index (BMI). The goal is to reach the lowest BMI level which is 18.5. Although your current BMI is calculated by your height, weight and age, the chart is the same for everyone, as it is a guideline used by doctors to manage obesity. The lowest end of the chart is 18.5 BMI because anything below that is considered to be underweight. I started at 19.3 on Monday and by Friday I was at 18.7! This might be confusing but you can click here to calculate your BMI with this helpful tool from the Mayo Clinic. It will help you better understand what I am explaining. 

It wasn't easy but the morning juice made such a big difference. It helped me stay energized since I was eating less food than usual. Visit my original post here to learn more about the 5-Bite-Diet and my method of applying it.

I indulged a little on Sunday with a delicious Croque Monsieur for brunch but I split it with someone and had a Suja glow juice to cover up my guilt, ha! Speaking of juice, I need to go grab some to help me rebound from those Cinco De Mayo margs I had last night. Enjoy this beautiful day!