I’ve said it once before and I’ll likely say it a million times more; I die for tie-dye! 

I am in one of my best friend’s wedding and on Saturday the bride and all of the bridesmaids got together to try on dresses for the big day. Well, we attempted to. The traffic was so bad that we missed our appointment so we took the driver to the nearest restaurant and popped open a couple bottles of wine! Obviously, we got dressed up for the occasion and I was so excited to wear my new dress from Planet Blue. It is the perfect dress for the summer, so flattering with the ruched waist and thin straps. If you are ever having one of those days when you’re not feeling so thin, this is the perfect style. I added a little belt to cinch in the dress for a more dramatic hip and paired it with my favorite tear drop earrings and Fendi cuff. It’s always good to keep it simple when you’re playing around with bright colors and wearing a nude heal will add a classy element to your ensemble without overpowering it.