My girlfriends and I attended a bougie little party at the Del Mar Polo Fields on Friday night. Don't worry, I would never wear a crop top to an actual polo event, the venue just happened to be at the field. Anyway, the weather has been perfect so I was able to show a little skin and keep warm. I'm crushing on big silver necklaces right now and the one I wore made my epic crop-top POP! I had to make a statement because a majority of the attendees included 90% of my high school, frenemies and ex-boyfriends... Awkwarddddd, ha! I paired my little tank with my go-to Free People maxi skirt and these killer, white ankle boots. Before the party I decided to get my hair done and by the time I got to the pre-party I had a mini fashion emergency. The boots had rubbed each of my ankles in the worst way, I could hardly walk and it was only 5 o'clock. I was about to change into a spare pair of booties but I had a brilliant idea. I snagged a pair of black socks from my friend’s fiancé so I wouldn't injure myself any further and it actually looked cute. I didn't know if my Hearts, "Eco-Fashion", clutch would be too much but once it was dark and my sunglasses were off it added a nice touch of color. The outfit was such a success I got a million compliments. 

Well, I have to get to work so I can have some skinny margaritas later to celebrate Cinco De Mayo and my Dad's Birthday. I know, I know... what are the odds that my Mexican Dad was born on this day? So typical, I love it! Okay, enjoy your week!

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