What a long weekend! I had too much fun from Thursday to Sunday so I’m a little worn out this week. On Saturday, I made a  pit stop in LA for a really important meeting and by ‘important meeting’ I mean champagne brunch with my best friend! When I woke up, I really didn’t know if I was going to make it there. Against my better judgment, I went out Friday night and stayed up way past my bedtime. Eeeek! Anyway, I threw together an outfit, ran out the door and looked like I actually took time to get it together.

10 steps in 10 minutes
  1. First things first. Take a shower; no one wants to smell you. 
  2. Leave your hair wet and throw on some Moroccan oil to tame the frizz.
  3. Grab a cute hat to cover up the fact that you didn't intend on rocking unstyled waves.
  4. Forget the mascara and put on some over sized shades.
  5. Lip gloss… never forget your lip gloss.
  6. Slip into a printed tee.
  7. Put on some distressed shorts. 
  8. Find a big necklace.
  9. Grab some cute booties
  10. Maybe, pack some concealer to go... if you must.

PS: Don’t forget the implied steps somewhere between 2 and 7; put on some  underwear and brush your teeth!

Eye Cartel Shades