When I woke up on Saturday morning I was so bummed out about the cold weather, especially now that I'm back at the beach, because I just want to hang out in a bikini and short shorts until fall! I remembered that I had this jacket in alterations so I scooped it up and headed out for my day. It will likely be my last chance to wear it until the cold weather comes back since leather sleeves don’t really mesh with 80 degree weather. I have toned down my tribal collection significantly, I used to be obsessed. My closet was starting to look like those pop-up shops at the Mexico border where the families sell ponchos and blankets, ha! Nevertheless, I'm a huge fan of tribal. This jacket was such a great addition to my look, it made the outfit. A lot of my wardrobe comes from LF Stores, if you don’t know LF you don’t know style… just sayin! They don’t have an online store but tons of locations. It's worth the trip, trust me.

Anyway, I was driving to get my flowers for the week and this gorgeous brick building was next door so I had to grab some photos. I love getting flowers at Farmers Markets but this place, Wholesale Flowers and Supplies, is the BEST place in San Diego to get flowers. Not only is the selection outstanding but the prices are low, I love anything on sale. I grabbed a bundle of baby blue hydrangeas, they had every color so it was difficult to choose. 

Okay, so today I’m starting this new diet called the 5-BITE-DIET and I will tell you all about it tomorrow. I’m not particularly big on dieting but bikini season is among us and it’s time to get serious, ha! Happy Monday!

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