Welp, I’m on the market again! Not that I am particularly excited about being on the downside of my 20’s and single but I am really excited to start focusing on MY happiness for the first time in a while. To be honest, I didn’t know I was unhappy until I smiled yesterday like I haven’t smiled in months and I didn’t need a man to do it, I just needed myself. Let’s face it; if you aren’t happy with yourself you can’t expect someone else to make you happy. It’s only been a few days and I seriously feel like a new woman, I can breathe again and my thoughts are clear and focused. PLUS, I’m back at the beach… where I belong. 

Nothing mends a broken heart like shopping and brunch! I was in the Home Décor section at Nordstrom and I stumbled upon this little piece that read, “Create a life that feels good on the inside, not one that just looks good on the outside.” I took that as a major sign and it totally sunk in. I was so unhappy I masked it by smiling and shopping and pretending everything was okay. Being fake will literally eat you alive. It is so important to do YOU and no one else. The right person will appreciate what you have to offer and vice versa. Just a little advice for the ladies, if you don’t have a ring on your finger DON’T uproot your life for the guy. Aside from being super positive and having HUGE support back home, the champagne and crab claws, from my fav spot in LA, also made me feel a lot better, ha!