A couple years ago I got a gift basket that had a  body cream, face wash and a chap stick from this store,Lavish Botanicals in Mission Hills. I eneded up putting it under the sink in my bathroom and completely forgetting about it. A few months later, I ran out of body lotion so I pulled the cream out of the basket and I was instantly hooked! It smelled like a spa and made my skin sooooo soft. I couldn’t believe such amazing things were sitting in my bathroom that whole time. I loved all the products so much I used them up and in no time I had to go replenish my products.

When I stepped into the store I was so amazed, I hardly knew anything about this company. Come to find out, they actually make all of their products in house with organic herbs and essential oils. I am such a freak about taking care of my skin and before I went all-natural I could have been the spokesperson for products like ProActive. Shortly after visiting this store I threw out every single paraben, preservative and petroleum based skin product I owned. Products that contain chemicals to prevent break outs or clear skin can actually dry out the skin and INCREASE breakouts and the signs of aging. You heard me, increase!

Poopsie Fact: The natural oils in your skin are produced by the sebaceous gland which creates a natural skin lubricant called sebum. Sebum keeps your skin hydrated by locking in necessary moisture in the outer layer and when it is removed by harsh chemicals it can overcompensate by producing excess oil and causing skin problems. Essential Oils found in natural remedies don’t remove your natural oils they work in conjunction with your skin to create a healthy balance. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to get wrinkles any faster than I have to so bring on the sebum!

I have tried many of their products but these three are my favs right now.

This cleanser gently buffs away dirt, impurities and make-up with gentle oatmeal, milk, herbs, clay and botanicals. Simply hydrate the finely textured powder with water and massage over moist skin to sweep away flaky, dry skin. Completely free of soap and preservatives!

For oily or acne prone skin. Daily, light weight facial lotion keeps oil-rich or acne prone skin clear and healthy by providing the proper balance of vital nutrients and moisture. Purifying sea ingredients and anti-bacterial oils detoxify the pores and refresh skin.

*I use this one at night to replenish the moisture in skin while I sleep* 
A nourishing formula for dry, dehydrated skin.