I can’t even explain how excited I am to be home. I moved away for about 7 months and I was beginning to forget about the activities that used to occupy my time. I have been going to the San Diego Yacht Clubsince I was a kid. Back then, I enjoyed spending all day at the pool and playing with the other children. Now, it is so nice to catch up with old friends, family, and acquaintances I have met over the years. I love the sense of community, and it is really great for networking. You never know who you are going to meet!

I’ll use any excuse to dress up in a nautical theme and drink champagne. I can get super edgy with my look when I’m out with friends but I secretly love getting decked out in conservative Country Club attire. When I’m on the water, I like to sport a light knit because the temperature can fluctuate so much throughout the day and I HATE being cold. I would rather be dripping sweat then shivering. You can always wear a bikini top underneath and take off your sweater if it’s hot out. I call my bottoms “golf shorts” but actual golf shorts are usually longer. They are so practical for moving around, bending over and hopping on and off a boat. If you are clumsy like me, wearing a dress of any sort while boating can be devastating in more ways than one, if you catch my drift! Loafers are a MUST. Sperrys go great with this look but I wanted to get fancy so I slipped on a pair of embellished Donald Pliners. Okay, enough Fashion talk for the day, I need to get back to filing my taxes…bleh! Enjoy this gorgeous week, happy Monday!

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