Yesterday, I went and looked at Vintage Cars at the Rod Run in Temecula. The cars were parked along the street and there were food vendors on every block. It was nice to see the sunshine for the first time in a while. PLUS I got to try out this new restaurant in Old Town called The Black Bird Tavern. I scoped it out when I was looking for a florist. It was just as good as it looked and my style in every way.

ALSO, I have a slight obsession with crop tops so I buy a bunch and then when it's finally warm enough to wear them I get insecure and choose something else to put on. I bought this one a while back as a THIN-spiration piece so I would get my butt to the gym every day. I also totally envisioned myself staring at this tiny t-shirt with a burger in my hand and a guilty conscience whispering in my ear, "Poopsie, put the burger down". Neither of those deterrents worked but to my luck, I snagged my friend's super cute high wasted skirt so I didn't have to show off my stomach quite yet. Now, I just need to find something a little more motivational then a crop top to get me to the gym.