Okay, whoever said Lana Del Rey wasn’t good in concert needs to have their head examined because she was EPIC! I heard from multiple sources that she wasn’t a stellar performer so I never made a point to see any of her shows, even though she is my ultimate fav. Either she totally stepped up her game or those audience members need a CT scan ASAP. Her voice is insane; I had chills throughout the entire set. There were multiple times I literally had tears in my eyes and I started laughing because I felt like a 15 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert. I would seriously become a lesbian for her.

My BFF since elementary school just recently moved to Sacramento and since Lana was playing in San Francisco we decided to make a trip out of it and meet there (Her name is Tiffani and she is the one in the photo, she was also my photographer for the weekend). Aside from being super revved up to see my girl Lana, I was thinking about outfits the entire month beforehand. This was my version of Coachella. I get to dress up a little hippie chic, sport a crop top and not have to be around sweating drug addicts in 100 degree weather. Earlier last week, in this post, I had planned on wearing a romper but it didn’t work out. Thank god I tried it on while I was packing because it was so big I looked like I was wearing a cream colored trash bag. The break-up diet has its downfalls, ha! I had to make some revisions to my wardrobe but my mom always comes to the rescue when it comes to style. She has been in the fashion industry for 20+ years and gets major hook ups on some of my favorite items, including this sassy Fairen Del Free People skirt I rocked at the concert. She’s like a hot Martha Stuart with a killer wardrobe, my idol. Anyway, it was the perfect ensemble for my outing, I am not big on showing skin but on certain occasions it’s more than appropriate. Be sure to check in tomorrow for my post about my day in Sausalito! 

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