I decided to share my weekend vacay to San Francisco in a few different posts because my trip was far from boring and I have so much to tell! I tend to be long winded so I’ll try to make them short and sweet!

Although this was my second visit to San Fran, I was only 10yrs old the first time I went and I didn't remember much about it. I LOVE big cities and old architecture so I was impressed by the buildings and landmarks. On the first day we did a ton of walking. I needed it too because I’ve lost a couple pounds on the “break up diet” and I’m like the poster child for skinny-fat. Not to worry though, my buns will be toned up before summer, ha! Anyway, we walked to Fisherman’s Warf and ate at a little place called the Eagle Café at Pier 39. It was gorgeous, the weather was crisp and we sat on the deck, overlooking the ocean out to Alcatraz. We snacked on crab cocktail, garlic mussels, clam chowder and champagne, obviously.

Poopsie Fact: Vacations are not the time to penny-pinch, skip the Korbel and order some good champagne, you deserve it!

The bay scenery was stunning but I almost died when I found out there was a 4 story Nordstrom. No seriously, I almost died. I was so excited I accidentally ran in front of a bus trying to catch a cab. Luckily, I wasn't hit but it was totally worth it once I got to the mall. There was an entire Top Shop section, I was in heaven and bought this irresistibly cute blue button-up. I've been wining about the chance to sport spring/summer wear but it was nice to have one last hurrah with my leather jacket and leather detail leggings. I love all black but it’s hard in the spring because I start to look sad or depressed when people are romping around in floral prints. After all the site seeing we headed back to the hotel and relaxed before the Lana Del Rey concert… but I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow so stay tuned. Happy Monday!

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