I am going to San Francisco this weekend and I'm so antsy, I can hardly contain myself! Not only do I get to see my all-time favorite artist, Lana Del Rey, perform in concert but I get to see my best friend since kindergarten as well! Aside from making travel arrangements, I had to do some serious outfit planning. Most people go shopping while they are on vacation but not me. I have never gone shopping on a trip in my entire life because I spend all my shopping money on outfits prior to departure. I want to look cute every second I'm vacationing. For some reason, I just can't visualize having a good time while I'm wearing some old shirt or a pair of shoes I've worn a million times.

I went a little overboard this time but moments like these are too special to not go all out. I always carry my bag on the plane, after a catastrophic incident in France a few years back, and I try to pack as many versatile items as possible. I decided on some black booties because I can wear them during the day and at night, plus they are comfortable enough to wear during travel so they won't take up space in my bag. I am going to bring my large satchel so I can store all my goodies on the plane and then use my little cross body for my money and makeup when I'm around town. Hats are a must! Nothing completes an outfit more and if I wasn't such a crazy person about packing light I would bring one for every day. Lastly, no matter where I travel, I only bring one jacket and I wear it on the plane with me to save space in my bag. I am dying over my new Michael Kors Jacket; this photo does not do it justice! The color is amazing; you can wear it during the day and at night, dressed up or casual. I am going to take a million photos in my new threads and be sure to do a full recap of my trip when I get home. Au revoir!

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