Okay, I'm not big on dieting. I think eating well is a lifestyle choice and most people fail at diets because, let’s face it, diets don't work. Now, I am going to go ahead and contradict everything I believe about dieting because I have a new bikini I want to debut so I’m totally doing this one for 7 days... well I’m going to try.

I was watching Doctor Oz with my coffee on Sunday and he had a guest speaker Dr. Lewis, the creator of the 5-bite diet. I heard him say, "lose 15 pounds a week", so I obviously turned up the volume and clicked the record button. 15 pounds is insane and I’m not trying to do that but I was intrigued. The Doc created this diet which he basically copied from patients that had recently undergone gastric bypass. I realize how crazy this is beginning to sound. Anyway, people that are recovering from this surgery aren't able to eat very much because their stomachs have been cut down to the size of a golf ball. Because of this, they are only allowed to eat 5 bites of food per meal. My initial reaction was, there is no way my body can survive on 5 bites her per meal! He explained that your body doesn't absorb all these vitamins and minerals every day like we think it does. He said that your body takes what it needs, when it needs it which can change from day to day. Over the course of a month it will pull the nutrition that it requires to function from different foods you consume and if you are eating right over this period of time you will stay healthy. By eating this way, Dr. Lewis suggests that you will actually become the weight your body is meant to be, which is the very low end of your BMI index.

Here is what you are supposed to do.  You can drink coffee in the morning, along with a multivitamin but you should wait to eat your first 5 bites until the mid-afternoon. The Doc says, breaking your nightly fast too early can increase your hunger throughout the day. Contrary to popular beliefs about breakfast, I have actually always thought this way. In fact, when I made a habit of eating breakfast on certain diets I actually gained weight. Anyway, you can have 5 bites of food for lunch and 5 for dinner without restriction. I don’t think you should be eating pizza and burritos because if you can only have a little bit of food it should be as nutrient rich as possible. With this in mind, I decided to reorganize the diet my way and it’s a little more than the strict 5 bites.

I started the regimen yesterday. With my morning coffee and multivitamin I added a 12 oz. vegetable juice, NOT A SMOOTHIE or any of that weird crap from Jamba. This is my fav juice, it’s delicious and nutritious (Ginger + Spinach + Cucumber + Celery + Apple + fresh lemon juice). I had 5 bites for lunch (Noosa – Gluten Free Yogurt) and 5 bites for dinner. Since I am eating in moderation, I can be a little more lax with my selection. Last night I ate 3 bites of chicken thigh and 2 tablespoon scoops of Potato Salad (and not the gross store bought crap. Get the best recipe here, it’s a family favorite - TIP: I substitute the mayo with low fat sour cream and pinot grigio for the buttermilk. It’s amazing)

So now I’m on to day 2 and I will definitely be sharing my results at the end of 7 days. I’m not sure how this is going to work with my dinner plans this weekend but we shall see! If anyone wants to try this with me and share their results I would love to hear your comments. Enjoy the rest of the week!