One of my favorite weekend activities is visiting the local farmers market. The one I go to is 30 minutes from home but it’s totally worth the drive. Of course, some are better then others and you never know which vendors will be there but if you love shopping as much as I do you will find something to buy!

I am all about organic grown produce and this is the Mecca of organics. At times I get weary about buying organic produce at grocery stores because I’ve noticed my veggies tend to stay fresh longer then produce purchased at farmers markets. To some, this might be a really great money saver but truly organic foods have a very short shelf life because they are grown without the use of pesticides, GMO's, hormones or other preservatives. Also, shopping local is a great way to help your community. If you go to this website you can search for ones in your area by zip code. It really helped me out when I moved.

Aside from foods, I am obsessed with the other goodies to be found! As much of a freak as I am about my produce I’m 10x more of a freak about what I put on my skin. I love natural skin remedies. Popular products are widely used because they promise to keep your skin oil and breakout free but lets face the facts, just like preservatives in food that shouldn't be ingested, petroleum, parabens and acids (which are frequently used in cleansers and lotions) are not meant to be put on your skin. I will get into more detail about that in another post. I found this vendor, Daughter of The Earths Botanicals, that I have absolutely fallen in love with. Their products can be purchased here as well. I use the rose water toner every morning and night after I wash my face and I keep some in my purse to spray when I'm on the go. It hydrates, refreshes and cleans the skin PLUS it smells like roses, my favorite. I use their Moroccan Mud Mask as a face scrub by mixing it into my cleanser as well as a mask. No joke, I am in the bath right now with it on my face, ha! If you are prone to breakouts and have oily or dry skin, the all natural way can help regulate your skins PH-balance.

Lastly, I picked up a bundle of french peony ranunculus hybrids and this sweet little florist man created such a gorgeous arrangement in like 1 minute.  I was so impressed, I love stuff like that. Okay, time to get out of the bath! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!