This past weekend was therapeutic for me in many ways. I recently moved to a new city and even after 6 months I feel as though I am still in transition. With so many outside distractions I constantly struggle when it comes to managing my time and focusing my energy. By the end of the day I'm spread so thin that the important aspects of my life begin to waver and I'm left feeling defeated and without direction.

To my release, there is something about being out on the ocean that is soothing for me. A few years back when I was going through a hard time I would walk to the beach every morning to sit on this old wooden bench and simply breathe. Breathe in and out and refocus my energy. Although I no longer have the luxury of walking to beach every morning, I was able to take a minute and enjoy the peacefulness of the ocean (while enjoying a glass of champagne). I appreciated every moment being able to relax and be surrounded by supportive friends and family.

Enjoying that moment made me realize how important it is to do something every day that gives me a sense of peace or release from everyday stresses. My next mission, aside from refocusing my energy at work and at home, is to find tranquility and happiness with a healthy activity I can do in my own neighborhood.