One of the main reasons I wanted to start a blog was to share my recipes and healthy eating tips with the world. I knew I wanted to share my cooking skills but I wanted to write a blog that encompasses who I am as a whole person because cooking doesn't consume my entire life, it's just a creative element I toy with day to day. Truthfully, I am a scatterbrain fanatic about millions of different topics and if you have met me you know it is really hard for me to stop talking, which makes this a really great outlet for me.

I am certainly no health expert and any advice I give about healthy living is from personal research I've done and tips that I feel have improved my life. Not everything I create in the kitchen is healthiest-lowcalorie-fatfree dish but I typically eat clean and organic and try not to use Gluten as much as possible.

If you met me 5 years ago you probably wouldn't listen to anything I said about healthy living but a lot has changed in my life since then. I used to be a smoker, I used to eat fast food, I used to drink hard alcohol and the list goes on. Sometimes I'm filled with regret about how I treated my body when I was younger but in some ways I am thankful because now I can truly understand how much better I feel  physically and emotionally by simply changing what I put in my body. Poor diet and lifestyle choices can cause depression, skin irritations, sleeping disorders, anxiety, weight gain, digestive deficiencies, lack of energy and other serious health conditions. So, I will start with a little breakfast dish as an introduction to my cooking style.

I like to keep breakfast simple and healthy. Breakfast IS the most important meal day so I choose foods that are light yet packed with protein and nutrients to stay full and energized throughout the day. All the ingredients are organic & Low sodium.

· 2 Poached eggs with melted swiss cheese on top
· half of an organic heirloom tomato
· Two strips of peppered bacon (baked to keep it soft)
· Arugula
· Half an orange
· Homemade Salsa (which I will share in a separate post)

TIP: For people who really like salsa with their breakfast or just in general. Try not to eat store bought salsas if you can help it. If you are going to buy a premade salsa try and stick to ones that are made in the store at your local market. Mainstream salsa brands that are in the Mexican food isle at the grocery store are highly packed with sodium, preservatives and contain little to no nutritional value. It's very simple to make your own delicious and healthy salsa which I will post at a later time.